Whether we like it or not, the earth’s climate is changing, resulting in higher overall temperatures and extreme weather events such as heat waves are more likely to occur. At the same time, in an attempt to limit carbon dioxide emissions and rising energy bills, houses in moderate climates get better thermal insulation, and the heat island effect reduces the nightime chill making it harder to cool houses sufficiently during the nighttime using ambient air.
As a result, the demand for active cooling devices is increasing worldwide .

For small to medium scale applications such as households and SMEs, the choices are limited. The standard solution in most areas is a conventional, compressor based fixed airconditioning system which is relatively expensive, both in component cost and energy consumption and requires signicant installation work. More temporary fixes are their even less efficient smaller mobile version, which offer typically only small cooling capacities. Finally there’s the category of ‘swamp coolers’ that cool efficiently by harnessing the natural process of evaporating water.

These evaporative coolers are mechanically simple, use only small amounts of electricity and typically cool the inlet air by evaporating water directly into it, increasing the indoor air humidity level. Which is fine when applied in an arid region, but in regions with moderate climates such as Western Europe, the added water vapour makes the air easily too humid for comfort.

Chardon Engineering currently develops a new approach to evaporative cooling. The resulting system is simple, affordable, easy to install and compact. It cools quietly whithout adding moisture to the indoor air and is easily scalable to fit a wide range of applications.