Founder and CEO of Chardon Engineering, Merlijn Chardon

Merlijn Chardon studied Mechanical Engineering (BSc) and Sustainable Energy Technology (MSc) at the University of Technology Eindhoven. During his studies, he realised that the best place to combine his strong interest in the Academic research with his urge to create technologies and products that can be societally beneficial on the short term as well, could be found in small, innovative and fast moving companies. Immediately after his graduation, he started a study on technical and economic feasiblity of a new technology to purify water using residual heat. This technology was incorporated in the start-up CEVAP Technology, which he co-founded in May 2016, shortly after founding Chardon Engineering.
Merlijn left CEVAP in autumn 2018, and obtained extra insights in the area of product development at the company ‘Agile Productontwikkeling’, whilst starting the preparations for what would later be called the Chardon-Dryer project. Over the years he kept in closed contact with his alma mater, the University of Technology Eindhoven. Helping students discover the fascinating world of thermodynamics whilst keeping in close contact with the lastest developments in the scientific field.

Mart Lamerichs studied Embedded System Engineering and currently studies the bachelor Mechanical Engineering at Fontys university of applied sciences. As a junior engineer, he designs, models and builds different prototypes and test set-ups. His area of expertise lies in turning rough concepts into practical designs and fully functioning systems. As a true representant of the allround development philosophy of Chardon Engineering, he thinks with both his mind and his hands!