Engineering Services

Our range of engineering services

Product development
Apart from our specialization in heat and flow, our team has a thorough background in the broad field of Mechanical Engineering. Our skills cover a wide range of technologies to turn your product idea from basic sketches into reality. Ranging from the structural design and dynamics of mechanical devices to sensors and other electronic equipment. After some thorough studies and engineering calculations we develop your product in a fast and iterative process based on rapid prototyping in our own workshop. We have an extensive network that can further support you all the way into the phase of mass production.

Technology development
The long and more adventurous road of technology development is well known territory to us. We can assist in every stage of technology development in the field of heat and flow. Ranging from first calculations on the concepts feasibility to custom proof of concept test rigs and fully functional prototypes. Even small scale commercial production services can be provided.

Consultancy services on heat and flow applications:
From industrial equipment and processes to HVAC systems and building insulation, from automotive drivetrains to consumer products, heat and flow phenomena can be found pretty much everywhere.
Are you in need of an expert advice, a second opinion or feasibility check? Feel free to contact us to hear what we can do for you. As engineers with an hands on- attitude, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty to (co-)develop and build a custom solution if it turns out that no readymade solution exists.

Consultancy services on 3D printing for engineering parts
Are you considering to adopt 3D printing for industrial products or functional prototypes? With over 7 years of experience in FDM-printing and extensive use of our own custom built industrial 3D printer, we have the expertise to guide you from flimsy small scale PLA models to full scale and fully functional parts and prototypes.

Please note, for our Engineering Services the following terms and conditions apply (in Dutch):

Design and construct project: Custom heat pump based dryer installation

This project concerns a heat pump based dryer for biobased products in an application with no residual heat available. The system switches automatically between drying chambers, the heat pump was selected to be fit for high temperatures in the drying chamber to speed up the drying process. The condensation heat is recycled to further heat the drying chambers, reducing energy demand for heating in the pasteurization step after drying. Once the drying of a cells content is completed, the gates close to protect the heat pump from the the high temperatures of the pasteurization process that follows after the drying cycle.Thermodynamics, construction and automation were all done in-house, making use of all our areas of expertise.